Rush Hour 2 (2001) is the second movie of the Rush Hour trilogy. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker once again play totally different detectives of the Royal Hong Kong Police and the LAPD.

Taipan III[edit | edit source]

Ricky Tan's yacht, the 'Red Dragon', is actually the 'Taipan III'. She was built in 1980 by CRN in Ancona, Italy.

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Unidentified Speedboat[edit | edit source]

Hu Li uses this boat to escape from the yacht.

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Praia[edit | edit source]

This hydrofoil, operated by TurboJET can be seen in the beginning. The Praia was built in 1994 by Shanghai Simno Marine Ltd. as a licenced-built version of the original Boeing 929. Shortly after the filming, in 2002, the Praia was sold to South Korea.

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Duk Ling[edit | edit source]

This is the only remaining original Chinese junk in Hong Kong today. She was built in Macau around 1955 and was restored in 1985. Today, she is used as a tourist attraction, offering cruises. In 2014, she sank due to strong winds, but was relaunched in 2015.

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