Gone in 60 Seconds (1974) is a typical 1970s action movie, promoting itself with a car chase lasting 40 minutes, destroying 93 cars in the progress.

Green Dream[edit | edit source]

The 'Green Dream' is used during a meeting with the customer, who arrives by seaplane. Details about this boat are currently unknown, but a badge 'HORIZON' can be seen.


Unidentified Boat[edit | edit source]

This boat (with an inboard engine) is involved in a crash while being towed behind a car.


RMS Queen Mary[edit | edit source]

The retired ocean liner, residing at Long Beach as a museum ship for more than half a decade now, can be seen in the movie. It is also mentioned twice. She was built from 1930-1934 by John Brown and Company in Scotland and made her maiden voyage in 1936. She was taken out of service in 1967, when she arrived in Long Beach from Southampton and is still on display.


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